Shop Local

by Moore

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"Shop Local" was created entirely in Elgin, IL by Elgin-based artists. Each song features original artwork from a different artist, as do the front and back cover and the photos within the booklet and packaging.
All music was created by Moore and collaborating performing artists.
All Elgin made.
Shop Local


released May 25, 2017

“D I Y”
Lyrics by A. Moore
Music by A. Dyson and A. Moore
Artwork by Roberto Martinez
Mixed by A. Dyson and A. Moore
Mastered by A. Kasz

Lyrics by A. Moore
Music by A. Dyson
Artwork by Joel “Amore” Feliciano
Mixed and mastered by A. Kasz

“Melancholy Sky”
Lyrics by A. Moore, B. Hahs, D. Washington
Guest vocals from Maintain and Melo Tripp
Music by A. Dyson
Artwork by Michael “Mad Mike” Cornelius
Mixed and mastered by A. Kasz

Lyrics by A. Moore
Music by A. Jeffries
Guest vocals from Angrous
Artwork by REZOREK
Mixed and mastered by A. Kasz and A. Moore

“Generation My”
Lyrics by A. Moore
Music by A. Dyson and B. Malm
Brandon Malm featured on Saxophone
Artwork by Lucy Espinoza
Mixed by A. Kasz and A. Moore
Mastered by A. Kasz

“Why Don’t We Talk Anymore?”
Music and lyrics by A. Moore
KASZ featured on turntables
Artwork by Jamey Bouwmeester
Mixed by A. Kasz and A. Moore
Mastered by A. Kasz

“All I Need”
Lyrics by A. Moore
Music by A. Jeffries
Guest vocals from Angrous
Artwork by Elizabeth Almanza
Mixed and mastered by A. Kasz

“Can’t Stand By”
Lyrics by A. Moore
Music by A. Dyson
Artwork by Freddrick D. Wimms
Mixed and mastered by A. Kasz

Lyrics by A. Moore
Music by A. Jeffries
Artwork by Kyle Cole
Mixed and mastered by A. Kasz

“Live For Me”
Lyrics by A. Moore
Music by A. Dyson and A. Moore
Artwork by Jim Lloyd (Originally titled “The Stealer of Music)
MIxed by A. Kasz and A. Moore
Mastered by A. Kasz

Lyrics by A. Moore
Music by A. Kasz
Artwork by Stephanie Kelly
Mixed and mastered by A. Kasz

Front cover art by Ashley Composano
Back cover art by Collin Koko
Photography by Selwyn Hansana
Graphic designs by Collin Koko

All contributing writers, performers, artists, sponsors and audio engineers are based out of Elgin, IL
All music recorded, mixed and mastered in Elgin, IL
Copyright 2017 Watch City
All Rights Reserved

Shop Local was made possible by help and support from countless members of the community and by the following sponsors:
-Al's Cafe
-Beef Villa
-BRAVO Magazine
-Chef Caitlin Boyer
-Danny's on Douglas
-Dog's Paw Brewing
-Elgin Cultural Arts Commission
-In The Neighborhood Deli
-Martini Room
-Rediscover Records
-Scales Off Media
-Side Street Studio Arts
-Stay ill Clothing
-Watch City



all rights reserved


Moore Elgin, Illinois

Representing Elgin, IL, Moore and his crew mates in Watch City have toured across the USA to a great response, performing with such artists as Twista, GLC, Jeru The Damaja, and many more along the way.
2013's "White Men Can't Rap" and 2014's "23" EP have kept Moore in the spotlight in the Chicago underground scene. Next up for Moore is a new LP in May of 2017.
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Track Name: D I Y
I'll probably have to plan my own funeral,
get stuck trying to write my own eulogy,
stand up and take a bow at the memorial,
the crematory won't know what to do with me.
How many times did I trust you?
How many lies did I adjust to?
Fooled me twice that's shame on me.
Everything ain't how I planned but c'est la vie.
You do the same old things, you get the same result.
I'm tired of hearing people say the words "it ain't my fault".
Took a little time but I figured it out,
you want something done right gotta do it yourself.

I bought my brother a book, it just sits on the shelf.
I bought my woman some wheels and she just sits at the house.
Drove my homie to school til the day he dropped out,
can't help a man if he can't help himself.

Verse 1:
No such shit as comin' up quick, you get what you give.
If you're expecting to win start thinking again, get back in the gym.
I'm Bobby Boucher, see who got the ball and I'm tacklin' him.
It's simple enough; you wanna survive you gotta be tough.
Makin' money's a must. I make it my self 'cause who can I trust?
The best of the bunch, eat a rapper for breakfast the rest are for lunch.
I'm second to none. Runnin' it like it's second and one.
Just hand me the rock. I'm rockin the mic, my hand on my jock.
Need a bucket and mop. I'm cleanin' up house and settin' up shop.
The cream of the crop. Swam outta the milk and came to the top.
Like it or not, it only kind of matters to me, but not enough to let you take advantage of me.
I lost a lot of blood in the struggle.
All these jobs that I juggle just to get dragged through puddles.
Think I've finally solved the puzzle; I just had too many pieces.
Lost a little baggage now my chances are increasing.

As of recent I've been doing work for somebody else.
I just got a paycheck and that paycheck bounced.
Rather be my own boss, Fuck this, I'm out.
Want something done right, gotta do it yourself.


Verse 2:
Everything ends. Nobody lives forever.
It's now or never for me, you can't name a better emcee.
I'm something you never have seen yet, and I mean that.
Woke up out of my weed nap as a new man with a new plan.
You want me to fail? Well, too bad.
Two hands, two feet, one mic like Nas said.
I'm a God-send. Knock off that nonsense.
Raise up your consciousness and learn the concept of rockin' concerts.
Your hits do not hurt, they're not hits, your not shit other than obnoxious.
I'm monstrous, rambunctious when I'm at these functions.
A man among these munchkins, pardon this interruption.
Why would I not trust my instincts knowing all of this?
Those who know me know, the rest don't even know that I exist,
but I'm patient. Preparing for the perfect situation,
taking proper precaution. I had dead weight so I lost it, feels awesome.
I can handle all of it, knew it all along, I just finally acknowledged it.

I'll probably have to plan my own funeral.
Stand up and take a bow at the memorial.

Track Name: Anti-Social
I will never be your puppet.
I would rather quit like fuck it.
If I don't know em then I don't trust em.
He told me he does it, I know he doesn't.
I'm calling out cuz and them by the dozen.
You beef with me, see they'll be repercussions.
I beat up these beats like I beat percussion.
I eat up these pussies and leave em gushing.

Verse 1:
My family will hear that and be disgusted. I'm the king of nothing.
I don't need to fucking knuckle up with you suckers to show that you suck. What a succulent bunch, eat em for lunch.
Need a bucket of punch to wash em all down.
Taste kind of funny cause most of em clowns and most of em round my town are out of their minds; they think that they've got it with rhymes, they don't.
Some of us take you as jokes, most of us don't even know you exist.
Oh, you're the shit? Forgive me for failing to notice,
I'm focused on raising my kid, my reason to live.
The reason I'm waking up daily and making my way to the gig.
Face it, you're faking it. You're not as big as you say you is,
save yourself time and just quit.
Rhyme and I rip like Dylan, better keep your dial on my frequency.
Got a low key freak with me, she gon' hear that and probably not speak to me for a week or three.
This rap shit's weak to me, but I don't let em weaken me.
I tried to keep the peace til dude tried to beef with me,
talkin bout he keeps the piece. What, you Pac or some shit?
That whole crew that you run with is on some dumb shit.
I'm just having fun now, watching Kung Pow with my girl,
'bout to score like I'm Jordan with his tongue out.
I hope everyone who gave me the run around knows what they've done now. Everything's sunny, not one cloud.
I feel the most up when the sun's down.
Chi-town, peace, love, put the guns down.


Verse 2:
Early morning smoking marijuana.
I'm in my pajamas and my baby's sleepin'.
Been a crazy weekend. Gotta keep on keepin' on, keep on thinkin'.
Can't slow down, can't be infrequent with new releases.
In the studio doing features.
Eating yellow organic peaches trying to stay healthy.
Not wealthy but rich in love.
Oh you're rich as fuck? You wanna give me some?
I don't really care about where you're from or where you've been,
if you're my friend I'll help you out.
Listen to the words coming from my mouth:
I will never be your puppet. You can't tell me nothin'.
My baby-mama blowin' on me like she's playing trumpet,
then later we're humpin'.
Sippin on a Little Sumpin' Sumpin' got me drunken.
Need a pick-me-up, pick me up an iced dark roast up at Dunkin.
I don't really know much, I get more credit than what's due.
All I know is I don't know and everyday I learn something new.
The smartest man is the man who knows he's not the smartest, man.
The hardest artist would never tell you that he's hard in a bar regardless. Ya'll bars are garbage, like wrappers.
I wanna be a drummer and a rapper, I don't wanna be an actor. So...


Verse 3:
I'm keepin' it moving but never rushing.
Watch City the movement.
I pity the fool that would look at his life and say "fuck it" when there's room for improvement. You got it then use it.
Whether you're sober or whether you're currently using,
I know that you're fiending for more when you hear this cause nothing's as dope as this music. If she wants it she'll choose it.
If you're chasing the pussy your stupid.
Posted on the porch like Stoop Kid.
Roll the best weed like Snoop said.
Only friend that I need is a true friend.
I'm me, I don't like being grouped in.
I'm trying to tighten up all my loose ends.
I'ma switch up the flow when the loop ends.
New fans coming to my shows and I'm grateful.
A lot of love comes with a little bit of hate though. Gotta stay faithful.
Garbage rappers, so wasteful.
No you're not the shit, but you are human waste though.
Mind on the pussy, got a face full.
Head full of problems, gotta face those.
Go and get high, tune the bass low.
Watch City in the spot, whole place full.
No label; grassroots independent come-up.
You don't know me now, never gonna.
Make you wonder why you never knew it.
You won't know until you fuckin' do it.
Wake up and shake up your life a bit, you might wind up liking it.
Find me where excitement is. I was built for the life I live.
There's really no use fighting it.
I said "I will never be your puppet".
Track Name: Melancholy Sky (feat. Melo Tripp & Maintain)
(Moore) Chorus:
Fruits and vegetables have been replaced with foods with next to no
nutritional value. They sell you lies and tell you yes is no.
It's unacceptable, we accept it though.
All we are is flesh and bone unless the soul is nourished.
Life is stressful so we find our vices, learn to like em, kill our dreams,
neglect our hope.
Drugs became the norm. We sleep with people we pretend to know.
People are expendable unless they are dependable.
Man can have a dream it takes a team to make amendments though.

(Moore) Verse 1:
We put our presidents on pedestals. but they don't let us know the truth in their agendas and don't help us out with medical.
Cops killing innocent people want us to let it go.
Treat our women like they're ass, tits, legs, head and throat.
We think what we're fed is dope, but there's music better though.
Because you haven't heard it doesn't mean it isn't credible,
some of it's incredible.
Our food is hardly edible.
Salt became poison when they took out all the minerals.
The world is so distorted now cause everything is digital.
Everything is everything so nothing is original.
Even when the sun is out it seems the world is frigid cold.
Simple-minded people play the sheep and try to pigeon-hole.
People kill each other, even mothers, for a little gold. It's pitiful;
giving up their souls for the physical. The time we're in is critical.
The role you play is pivotal. The writing's etched in stone upon the walls
but it's illegible.

(Moore) Chorus

(Melo Tripp) Verse 2:
Every time we link you' make me think "Bro, I need that".
Amo, I mean that. We click like a granny's knee caps.
And I admit the ignorance that I live in is bliss, but my eyes are open now,
I'm committed to lift a fist. Too many people at risk, classism is on the rise.
The government is a lie and the presidents in disguise.
No drinking water in Flint, to higher ups it doesn't mean much.
Swept under the rug like a mess they ain't wanna clean up.
That's exactly what it is, no passion for the kids.
Something they don't get is they're treated different cause they ain't rich.
I'm not a private eye, no Illuminati in my rhymes, but I see where we are headin', it's just a matter of time.
I ain't over Trayvon, Dylan Noble or Mr. Castile.
Justice for the family is just too much of a hassle.
A child looks at her mother like "how could a judge allow that"?
Don't raise a hand in class, he's scared it'll get him shot at.

(Moore) Chorus

(Maintain) Verse 3:
More lies, more illusion. More illusion, more confusion.
More confusion the more we're losing control.
The more we're losing control, the more were snoozin',
keep us in a deep sleep, knocked out and drooling.
Why even think?
Who cares what you eat?
Who cares what you drink when the plan's to keep you mentally weak?
They don't want you to think deep, man, they want you distracted.
It's strategically crafted exactly how they planned it.
They sell you bullshit 'cause they know you're attractive and hey,
at least your hat and jacket and sunglasses is matchin'.
When I was young, I wanted to be Michael Jackson,
not knowing that he was just a puppet that adapted.
Now that I'm grown here's the question that I'm askin':
Are we gonna look the truth in the eyes or continue to look past it?
And pretend we don't see it, and just get caught up in traffic and just keep acting like this shit I'm sayin' ain't really happenin'.

(Moore) Chorus
Track Name: Organic
I told her "keep it organic,
keep it real for me.
I don't want you on the team unless you'll kill for me".
Told her "keep it organic cook a meal for me;
kale salad with some salmon with the dill on it".
Sometimes I feel the worlds got it out for me,
so I'm plottin' while I'm smokin' on the balcony.
Put the album out once the follow up is ready.
I told her "I'm about to _____ get your mouth ready.
The homies 'bout to come, get the house ready.
Sweep our problems underneath the rug and couch, Hunny.
If the cops come lookin', better vouch for me.
Tell 'em I ain't sold ____, I ain't about nothin'".
So baby can you bounce for me, bounce for me?
Can you make that pussy pounce for me? (Can you do it?)
Told her "baby go and move this little ounce for me".
Tell me baby, are you down for me?

Keep it organic.
Keep it organic
Track Name: Generation My (feat. Brandon Malm)
Verse 1:
We don't got time for each other.
We don't got time.
Tell me, what's the point of living everyday just to struggle to survive?
We don't got time for each other.
We're always on the grind.
I don't even know what I live for, whatever is keeping me alive.
One day it's all good, next day it's all fine.
Til them days turn to weeks, then them weeks turn to months,
before you know it you just lived your whole life.
We say we don't got time for each other.
You know we're all lying.
You can't give your family an hour, but everyday you give your job nine.
We don't want time for each other.
We only want things we can buy.
Generation my, generation my, generation my, generation my

Chorus x2:
Generation my, generation my, generation my, generation my

Verse 2:
Everybody lies to each other.
Everybody lies.
Tell me that you'll see me around eight knowing really it'll be around nine.
Everybody lies to each other.
Be careful who you keep by your side.
If your homie is doing other people dirty,
when he does the same to you, then you shouldn't be surprised.
I see violence and sex on my TV, racism online.
Talking real tough on the Timeline,
you wouldn't say it if I looked you in the eye.
Everybody's selling lies to each other, but I don't ever buy.
I know a lot of people got a lot of things that they wanna hide.
We don't wanna lie to each other, we do it even when we don't try.
Generation my, generation my, generation my, generation my.

Chorus x2

Verse 3:
Rap game fucking up my cash.
Can't keep a good job, busy working on my craft
and gas ain't cheap, neither is getting taxis.
If I walk the police will harass me,
attack me if I don't do exactly everything they ask me.
Quick to hit another young rapper with a rap sheet.
Never see me run cause I'm not a great athlete.
I've never met an emcee that could out rap me.
Take the back seat while I drive at a fast speed.
Never check the rear view, forgot about last week.
Focused on the future but won't let the present pass me.
I fight for respect like a boy named Ashley.
"A Boy Named Sue", that's a song Johnny Cash sang.
Ash while I pass to the passenger, fast lane.
Always after more like my last name.
Hardcore chick gave me Bad Brains, fill her mouth with mayonnaise.
Wonder why we're sick when the food we eat is man-made.
FDA will look the other way to get the man paid.
Health care is fucked, give you drugs and a band-aid.
Long-term, what's it gonna fix? Not a damn thing.
Champagne dreams, get drunk, stay high.
Generation my, generation my, generation my, generation my

Chorus x4
Track Name: Why Don't We Talk Anymore? (feat. Kasz)
Verse 1:
Before social media, I was social.
Now I'm staring at a screen tweeting promotions for "Shop Local".
I miss the days when we were vocal, when circles we're smaller
but we were close though. Now I hardly hear you like a ghost-note.
Let's take it back to Motorola Razors, rotary phones, pagers,
writing letters onto pages
communication in the realest sense.
I read the comments, see that conversation is really dense.
It's easy to talk when you ain't really saying much.
Views got us gassed up but they ain't really paying much.
I miss the days when we would say to have a nice day and such.
Now we pass each other looking down at our cellulars.
I really need to tell you this:
Rebel against the elephants and donkeys who are selling us artificial intelligence.
They're dumbing down society.
I won't go quietly.
I'm screaming out everything that's built itself inside of me.

Why don't we talk anymore?
Why don't we talk anymore?

Verse 2:
I've got friends that I never see.
I've got friends that I type to but never speak.
I've got friends and I gain more every week.
I never see em in person but I know what they think.
What's happening? What's on your mind?
How many "likes" til everything will be fine?
How many reposts until you get a speedboat?
Shares don't equal stocks, at least they haven't for me, bro.
I wanna focus on my real life.
I don't wanna focus my phone on food every meal time.
I need face to face human interaction.
Speaking through a screen doesn't bring me satisfaction.
The passion of words get lost in translation.
When faced with a face to face we can't take it.
We've taken away basic communication.
We type all day but don't ever really say shit.

Track Name: All I Need (feat. Angrous)
Verse 1:
Please love just calm me down.
I really wish you would call me now.
I really wish you loved all of me
and didn't let me drop everytime I was falling down.
I could use some good company.
I really think this is something we can work out.
My stomach hurts and my house don't feel like home without you around.
You put me back in my place, and hey,
I know you said we need space, but wait.
I'm afraid we might fade away, that's why I'm pleading my case today.
I know I've made some mistakes, ok?
But now I'm pumping my brakes, ok?
We could bend but won't break, no way.
This heart ache, it ain't going nowhere but...

I just need a band aid today to mask my pain,
a shot of Novocaine to numb the pain,
that's all I need.
That's all I need.

Verse 2:
Please nurse, just write the script.
My heart hurts while I'm writing this.
I need a pill for the pain, one more for the brain and
a bandage for damage the fighting did.
Mary-Jane and some Vicodin.
Girl, come be my vitamin.
You can bring your baggage,
I'll bring my demons and we can have a party, invite em in.
I really just wanna be with you.
Anything that I need to do, let me know.
I know I've said this before, this time I mean the shit more.
To see your face at my door would be enough to picture our past.
One kiss would help me get past.
Girl, I don't need a full cast.

Chorus x 2

Verse 3:
I took a trip to the pharmacy.
I know these pills do harm to me.
I remember being young taking drugs listening to Thugs-N-Harmony.
I really thought I was past the phase.
I really thought I could act my age until I got this cut that I need patched up with a little bit of love and a band aid.
She won't give it to me.

Outro chorus:
I just need a band aid today to mask my pain.
A shot of Novocaine to numb the pain,
that's all I need.
That's all I need.
That's all I need
That's all I need
That's all that I need, a shot of Novocaine could numb the pain.
Track Name: Can't Stand By
I can’t stand by when they’re killing people, and they’re killing people.
They tell you we’re equal then call you illegal, the system is evil.
They built all these prisons.
The darker your skin is more likely you’re in em,
Cause judges are crooked.
They see how you look.
If it’s different from me then they’ll probably book you.
I can’t just pretend I don’t see it.
I can’t just pretend we get treated the same.
I say what I see and that’s word to my name.
Lately the things that I’ve seen are insane.
I don’t know about you, but to me it’s a little bit burdensome;
You can get more time if you sell a man dope than you do if you murder one.

Verse 1:
I’m sick of seeing cops kill teens, take leave and go walking free.
Then go back to work and we pay the restocking fee.
It’s a mockery, this democracy.
The land of debauchery and hypocrisy.
Gotta stop the greed, and stop the monotony of monopolies.
Shop Local.
Stand up for what you believe and be vocal.
A man’s really only a man if he’s noble.
I think that we’ve still got a chance but I don’t know though,
Cause everything we do is on photo.
You can’t say shit now without someone telling you to sit down.
But I stand so tall I can spit down.
We gotta rise up, yeah it’s time to fight back whether in a small city or a big town.
A moment of silence for those who heard sirens before they were victims of violence.
Their stories remind us they want us divided but we’ve gotta stand up and fight it.
There’s no use in trying to hide or deny it exists.
Take pride in your fists and swing til you hit.
The greatest of hitters more often than not take a swing and they miss.


Verse 2:
I’m sick of the prejudice being so prevalent.
We need benevolence.
I’ll set the precedent.
Dear Mr. President,
Can you please help us?
We need a leader who’s selfless not selfish.
The wealth is divided amongst the machine, leaving the workers to bleed.
We’re dying of greed.
Coping by smoking this weed.
Living off hope and a dream.
The opium leaves are causing ODs.
They told us it’s all from the East. Well, who let it leave?
How did the billions of dollars of drugs make it in overseas without being seized?
It’s easy to see.
Turn off the TV and read.
Knowledge is something we need.
Don’t let the media feed you lies.
Open your eyes and learn how to think.
We’re on the brink of a change.
People my age are turning the page.
The animals out of the cage.
Year of the beast.
Ironic, we’re fighting for peace.
Speak what you think.
We shouldn’t fear the police, they should be helping the streets.
We don’t want beef but if you keep serving it we’ll give the services all they can eat.
Track Name: Alive
23, died. Undiagnosed.
23, died. Overdose.
22, died. Suicide
I am lucky just to be alive.

Do you realize we don't have time to waste?
The world won't wait for you, it's just not that kind of place.
So eat while the food is hot.
Enjoy life while the going is great.
The real ones show you love.
The jealous ones love to hate.
Do what you were made to do, not just what you're paid to do.
Another way I can say it to you: Listen to the things God is saying to you.
Make sure that you give your thanks.
I hope you all get to live your fate.
No matter how bad it is right now,
you can get back up to a point where your life is great.
We all pray

Chorus x 2
Track Name: Live For Me
It's not the way that I planned at all.
This is isn't how it's supposed to be.
When the night sings in the wind's voice
I listen close and I can almost hear my friend's voice.
I can hear him saying
"Live for me. Live for me. Live for me.
Avenge all of my misery.
Embody all my energy."

Verse 1:
I lost a lot of friends who ain't deserve to die.
Come where I'm from and you can ask around, I'm certified.
We built a sound these other clowns just strive for.
I live a life that many people would die for, so why don't I feel alive for?
Hard to focus on the right things through the hardships life brings.
When the night sings in the wind's voice
I can almost hear my friend's voice saying
"Do the things that I couldn't do. You've got a plan, now see it through.
I believe in you".
Peace to Nestor, bless Dimo too.

Chorus 2:
It's not the way that I planned at all.
This is isn't how it's supposed to be.
When the night sings in the wind's voice
I listen close and I can almost hear my friend's voice.
I can hear him saying
"Live for me. Live for me. Live for me.
Avenge all of my misery.
Embody all my energy.
Cause it's not the way that I planned at all.
This isn't how it's supposed to be.
So I need you to live for me.
Live for me
Live for me

Verse 2:
I had a uncle die when I became alive.
At the age of eight I watched another die on his bedside.
In '99 I saw another die from suicide.
A year after that his brother took his own life,
those we're both on my mother's side.
Know I'll see 'em on the other side.
The lost I've felt makes me come alive.
When I feel like I'm done inside I chase the dream, not run and hide.
I hear a voice when my eyes close saying "everything will be fine, bro".
When the wind blows hear my kin folks saying
"Keep going, cause a win is close".

Chorus 3:
It's not the way that I planned at all.
This is isn't how it's supposed to be.
When the night sings in the wind's voice
I listen close and I can almost hear my kin's voice.
I can hear him saying
"Live for me. Live for me. Live for me.
Avenge all of my misery.
Embody all my energy.
Cause it's not the way that I planned at all.
This isn't how it's supposed to be.
So I need you to live for me.
Live for me
Live for me

Verse 3:
Spent nine months inside my wife.
She never even got to see the light.
She came within about an inch of life.
We never even got to see her eyes.
This kind of thing will make you realize how real life can get,
but we can't give in, we can't submit.
And we will move on but won't forget.
Rest in peace, left a piece of my heart with you.
Saying "bye" was hard to do.
As I held you inside my arms I felt your blessing.
This world can never do harm to you.
A kink in the armor, but I'm a soldier.
I could do squats with the world on my shoulders.
Life's getting harder as I'm getting older.
I feel grateful that I got to hold her

Outro chorus:
It's not the way that I planned at all.
This isn't how it's supposed to be.
So I need you to live for me.
Live for me, live for me.
Live for me.
Live for me, live for me.
Track Name: Breathe
Verse 1:
Losing patience.
Trying to keep the pace and motivation to be great is waning.
Entertaining you, I waste away, I'm fading.
It's frustrating and draining.
I just wanna say I made it when I look out to the crowd.
I'm going crazy trying to keep my head above the water
keep my wife and daughter happy.
Daddy's always working, hardly see the clothes I bought em, sadly.
(Damn, he's doing damage on the mic)
That's what they say about me but I'm never satisfied.
I guess I've got this way about me.
Play it loudly. Let the music drown the sound of doubt away.
Without a way to vent I probably wouldn't be around today.
The rent is late by twenty days and I don't got a penny saved,
but anyways... my money started curving, gotta get it straight.
I think I'm going a bit insane.
Trips back and forth on the innerstate leave me with a bitter taste.
My inner faith is starting to disintegrate. It's like I can't get a break
or something to invigorate me, gonna hyperventilate
(Just breathe)

Verse 2:
He's been going through it,
trying to make it,
wondering how he's going to do it,
minds been truant lately,
hard to take it.
Situation went from basic problems to facing frustrating drama,
baby mama left and didn't leave a dollar.
Blue collar life is hardly working,
wishes that he finished college,
studied economics or something,
but never was a scholar, took a different route,
tried to find the promise land
but street knowledge and his work ethic haven't got him there.
It's kinda clear, the people in control don't really want him here.
He's kind of scared. Fear his made him lonely like it's solitaire,
plottin' a way out of here.
He gets up out his chair and pulls his hair out of his scalp.
He needs help,
feels like he's only got himself.
His health is going south, freaking out.
What's he gonna do?
Told him "Man, there's better times in front of you and you just gotta get to those. Listen, bro, I know it's gettin' difficult.
Take a minute, slow it down.
Just breathe."

Verse 3:
As a nurse she doesn't often see the other side.
Now she's under covers wondering why,
how she's gonna shape another's life,
be a mother, wife and everything she thinks she's gotta be.
She's dealing with it but she doesn't wanna be.
Pains got her ornery.
She doesn't trust the pharmacy, dealing with it naturally.
The pain she's in is hard to see, rather hard to watch.
She's exhausted
walking up and down the halls again talking to herself, as if
she doesn't even got a man.
It all started when he said he didn't have a rubber.
Now it's 40 weeks later, 30 since he said "I love her" to his brother,
didn't tell her that until a couple months ago.
He's the only one she's had, but he's been with a bunch of hoes.
Now they're here together in the hospital,
overcome a lot of obstacles and understand they've got a lot to go.
She let the doctor know that she was ready,
slow and steady as he told her what she's gotta do to make it through,
just breath.